These are our current offerings as of 2017.
Below you will find our glitter vinyl colors.

A few notes about our glitter vinyl pictured above:

Our glitter vinyl is shiny, and has a smooth surface.
Purple Ion has a dark purple base, with multiple colors of purple glitter.
Golden Purple has a dark purple base, with gold and purple glitter.
Lime has a bright lime green base, with lime green and gold glitter.
Sea Red has a blue/green base, with red and green glitter.
Ocean has a blue/green base, with blue/green glitter.
Root Beer has a brown base, with gold glitter.
Orange has an orange base, with gold glitter.
Gold has a gold base, with gold glitter.
Obsidian has a black base, with black and gold glitter.
Although listed with glitter, patent black does not have any glitter,
it is just a super smooth and shiny black vinyl.
Glitter vinyl colors can change from dye lot to dye lot. If you are trying to match an older color on a bag you have had for awhile, it may not be possible.
Glitter vinyl can fade. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Below you will find our shimmer and pearl vinyl colors.
A few notes about our shimmer and pearl vinyl pictured above:

Our shimmer vinyl is similar to our glitter vinyl. It has fine glitter in it and has a smooth surface. Our shimmer vinyl is NOT as shiny as our glitter vinyl. While our glitter vinyl has a very shiny surface, our shimmer vinyl has a more matte finish. The two compliment each other well. A handbag made with both glitter and shimmer vinyl has a very nice two tone look.

Our pearl vinyls have a iridescent semi-shiny surface. Our pearl vinyl does not have any glitter in it. This also compliments our glitter well. A handbag made with both glitter and pearl vinyl has a very nice two tone look.

Although listed with the pearl vinyls, the vintage brown and matte black are not pearl vinyls. We often get requests for a plain black vinyl, without any shine. This is our matte black vinyl. The vintage brown has the look of an old leather bombers jacket.
We often buy scraps of random vintage auto fabrics. These look awesome mixed with our vinyls, and give the bags a killer vintage hot rod look. Below are some of the vintage auto fabrics we have in stock. These are scraps that aren't big enough for upholstery shops to use on car seats or door panels, so the pieces are often oddly shaped and pretty small. We make do with what we have, and sometimes we have to come up with a design that works with these odd shaped scraps! Our stock on these vintage fabrics changes often. We will TRY to keep these colors and styles updated on our website of what we have on hand.
This is probably the most popular vintage auto fabric that we have used on our bags.

Below you will find the current colors of 1959 Impala fabric that we have in stock.
Another popular material used on our handbags is serape. These are extremely colorful, woven blankets made in Mexico. We have many, many colors and patterns on hand.
Below are just a few of the colors we have in stock. If you don't see a color you like, just ask, we might have it (or can order it in).
Below you will find our houndstooth fabric colors.

A few notes about our houndstooth fabric pictured above:

This is automotive grade upholstery fabric, so it is durable.
The yellow/black houndstooth fabric matches our gold rush shimmer vinyl very nicely.
The red/black houndstooth looks good with our ruby red glitter and our retro red pearl vinyl.
The blue/black houndstooth pairs up nicely with our sky blue glitter. It would also look good with blue turquoise pearl and ocean glitter vinyl.
The orange/black houndstooth looks good with copper glitter and valencia shimmer.

Want to customize your bag a little more? We have a heat press machine, which transfers designs onto our vinyl using a special foil and a metal block that has a design machined on it. These are some of the designs we have available to use on our handbags. These are just another way you can customize your bag! We currently have silver, gold, black, and a swirled psychedlic colored foil. We also have letters in various fonts and sizes, and we can add a name or slogan to your bag as well. E-mail us for more info about these!