Double K Originals is a tiny company. It is operated by the husband & wife team of Shawn & Jenna Krist (the two K's in Double K Originals). The duo literally do it all; designing, pattern making, sewing, shipping, marketing, web design, trade shows, & even the dreadful accounting!

The Double K Originals concept was born in the back of Krist Kustoms, the hot rod upholstery shop Shawn & Jenna own. After 17 years of building, designing, sewing, & upholstering award winning hot rod interiors, they started focusing their efforts on handcrafted handbags, accessories, & all sorts of glittery goodness! Each one of their products is handcrafted in the USA, one at a time, with the attention to detail they honed working on high caliber hot rods in their meticulous auto upholstery business.