Updated April 17, 2018


A few notes about our online store: We use PayPal for payment processing. You do not need a PayPal account to check out online.We use a shipping calculator to calculate shipping prices based on average weights. Sometimes, we may need to adjust the shipping prices.
We will try our best to keep this page as current as possible! Everything shown on this page is in stock and ready to ship when we updated this page. We will mark the items as sold, and remove them as quickly as possible, along with adding new items that we make! If you see an item that you want, but it has already sold, we can always remake an item for you. If you would like additional pictures of an item on this page, email or text us and reference the DKINxxx code for the item you want. 99% of our orders ship through the US post office. If you do not receive mail at your address, please provide your PO BOX as the shipping address.
Please make sure your shipping address in PayPal is correct!
We just finished our biggest show of the year, so we need to do an inventory check before we relist items for sale here!