Starry Moon Face - Concept by Emily Yarbrough 420 Face on Cruiser Style Winking Face
Spooky Face Spooky Face with Serape Print Spooky Face
Happy Side-Eye Face   Classic Jack-o-Lantern Face
Mean Face Mean Face with Blood Drip Mean Faces with Blood/Ooze Drip
Happy Dimpled Face Happy Dimpled Face Classic Jack-o-Lantern with Plaid
Classic Jack-o-Lantern on Square Style Jack the Ripper Face - Concept by Juli Curtis Blood or ooze can be added to most bags!
420 Face on Mini Bowler Style Fat Bat Mouth Face Halloween Pumpkin - Collab w/Mourning Bloom
    This bag is NOT customizeable. Only available as shown above.
Happy Side-Eye with Spider Web Printing X Face - Concept by Juli Curtis